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Just go straight forward and double jump like you may have done while learning the Parkour Tricks.3: Jump and press up on the right analog stick to crank flip three times.

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gain speed, and use the ramp to get to the rooftop on the left. If you get too low, jump up to the higher part of the sign. Do you know of any cheat codes like perfect balance or infinite specials? Carparts _ Take the bum's bed East. Skate on the left side of the broken railing to get to the ship. You've finally bonus made it into the Skate Ranch, but unfortunately getting in was the easy part. You need to grind the rails and do the tricks that Murphy will call out to you. What do I do? When you've done 3 of those, you will do the same thing, but instead of slapping a sticker on the wall, you'll push off with your foot. Wreck the trippy pool thing, find Iggy by the pool. East LA talk TO THE black widow Talk to Chole at the right side of the level. 8: Hold L2 and press left or right on the left analog stick to do three 360s. CShoot staff the Valley Kooks Tony Alva is out in the water with some valley surfers. Head back to the donut shop, and enter the parking garage using the entrance facing the shop, then go up to the top. High combo Turn slightly left from the start point and Boneless from the small launch ramp up to a grind on the wire above. A (DownSquare) flip in front of the bird. 4.14Getting to East LA *Note - The following mission takes place in numerous cities so are listed under their own section* The Black Widows, a notorious LA street gang have locked up Boone in a tunnel. You'll be facing the parking garage, so take a left and go down the road towards the donut shop. Launch over the sidewalk in slow motion and pull your trick. Talk to Iggy next to the elevator. Now you have to climb over the wall to get past the guards. Chicago high score / PRO score / sick score Bank drops, hip transfers and spine transfers are very useful ways of scoring points, and they are all accomplished by holding the R2 button. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ / / _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ / / / _ _ / / _ / / / / / / / _ _ / / / /, ) / _ _. However, the street is blocking. You'll go in another direction. Use the launch ramp and indy grab (right circle) over the bleachers. Next, she says to launch up and stall (triangle R2) on the nose to knock it loose.

Well not really, slap the other players, hitting the corners of the roof count as out of bounds. So if you have the money. Objective, so you can just do it for one second and still have it counted. Hit the quarterpipe underneath the line with multicolored flags and get into a grind. Go up the ramp and youapos. You need to be careful to stay within bounds. On the way back down past them. Word got out that Iggy casino is living there. Make a new grind echtgeld at the trick editor and then exit the editor. Caveman, but there will be a gap in one.

Tony, hawk 's American Wasteland Game Guide.Tony, hawk s American Wasteland Discussion.Tony, hawk 's American Wasteland.

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Launch up from the casino fountain base at the other end of the courtyard to collect the key. Above the launch ramp at the end of the start casino point road. Youapos, right next to the S is a stat point. Spine transfer using one of the quarterpipes to get on the helipad. The building youapos, beverly Hills prove yourself TO THE skateclub Perform tricks on all five of the glowing objects in the area. Above the barrier on the quarter pipe near the red carpet. And you should see the helipad along with red quarterpipes below.

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22: Ride forward and endo three times by pressing.