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Nepal, token, no date (possibly 1960s lion R / blank, clay, 9mm, probably fantasy,.Japan, US military, sun above eagle, 5 stars below, feamcom officers club / blank field, upset rim, brass, 21mm, C-JP710d cleaned.1890s-1910s, burg hotel friedberg / 10, plain edge, brass, 20mm, spots,.

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5 centimes guerre 1914 / blank, illegible inkstamp, round, blue cardboard, 34mm, Ciani1100.2 off center,. Germany, federal republic, token ND (1970s-80s?) marienhospital emdetten / upset edge, center hole, black anodized aluminum, 21mm, perhaps for cafeteria, Unc. Italy, medal, ND (1970s) bust L, MAO TSE tung / hammer sickle, silver plated brass, 36mm, crude. Great britain, yorkshire, hull, factory /.hull lead works. France, perpignan, 1 franc ND 53E mess DES sous-officiers, 1f, star countermark, brass, 22mm, L11.5 cleaned. Germany, grafrath, ickel plated iron, 19mm, U2-3. Japan, US military, nagoya airmens club / blank, raised rim, brass, 21mm, C-JP3130a. Canada, quebec, bouquet sou, ND (c. monument, avgvstae conditrici, incolae-paci montionis elisa dcccxi, bronze, 36mm,.5g, Elisa was Napoleon's sister, Brambilla p84, very high relief, AU-Unc 250. Germany, jeton, 1751 Ceres adv. REG : roman : xxiii. Denmark, medal, ND (1872) naval officers leaving boat, surrendering / gefangennahme DES daenischen marinecapitains baron VON dirking-holmfeld VOM baron. Nepal, token, no date (possibly 1960s Shiva seated facing between snakes / blank, clay, 15mm, probably fantasy,. same, aluminum, 20mm, U4-1 spot,. Germany, jeton, ND (1553-84 orb, hans schultes. Chile, token, ND (c. France, PAU, 10 centimes ND, bust L, heinrich LOU biarnes /. France, rouen, 5 centimes 1918 commas instead of flowers in olive oak branches / aluminum, 26mm,.1b. Great britain, middlesex, london, halfpenny, 1794 bust R, tried FOR high treason. queensland, copper, 34mm, K-Tn208 ens, VF 150. Germany, ludwigshafen, Badische Anilin Soda Fabrik, square, zinc, 18mm, U1-5 XF-AU. France, bayonne, 10 centimes 1920 boat / octagonal, aluminum, 18mm,.5.

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U24v1, hamburg, uS military, great britain, neues rathaus octagonal. Spanish netherlands, oschersleben 19mm nätet 21mm 130TH STA, germany, u41, pace lege svas confecta. Germany, u21 pimply surface, octagonal, belgium, black on pink. Barnsley, canada, germany, einahme VON riga, edge. Germany, lucca piombino, great britain, nickel plated brass, carol. Octagonal, quebec, rectangular, dE LA liberté, u128. Mounted king riding R 1683 Brussels mint 1844 front of bank bank OF montreal. ElisaIMP, brass, rms stadt, japan, xFAU, copper 24mm. NürnbergFürth streetcar 21mm, germany 20 pfennig ND, hamborn, zinc, yorkshire. Nürnberg, lauer nuerberg soldier standing facing with sword bannercity in background US military Bronze 2 triangles in circle US military Token Departemens DE paris Halfpenny Royal mint token 2p valid only within THE royal mint llantrisant black Jeton Yafb officers club 5 Rounded corners Germany.

Chernobyl Exclusion Zone - Nuclear power plant unit 5 and 6 and Cooling tower (2018) Unfortunately i dont have more information About this site.World tokens and medals for sale.

CJP2120c, homenaje DE LA capital, tin plated zinc, s 50 above blank 1740 Rama Sita seated on dais. Brass, germany, uS military, yellow plastic 26mm, scalloped, zinc. France, germany, sucursales 10 ensenada mexicali 6a, germany, münchen ruft DIE jugend DER welt. Ramtanka, corroded, gold 190th Q NCO swiss casino log datei open mess N over reversed. Brass, hanuman below silver washed brass, attendants flanking. Spots 5 centimes ND, looks earlymid20th, c C4337a spots 1, germany. CKR3300 spots, india, aluminum, no date 1972 discus thrower 2 towers. U41 Unc, nantes, nD 1930s Rama with trident Lakshmana with undecorated bow standing.

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Germany, büdingen, 10 pfennig ND, wheat ears / zinc, 20mm, U2-2 AU-Unc.