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In Godzilla terms, Connery and Moore having given us the 'showa' Bond, Dalton and Brosnan the "Heisei" Bond, we now have the "Millenium" series James Bond - not a prequel nor even a 'reboot but, really, an entirely new series about the same character."The Bitch Is Dead" (Contains the "James Bond Theme 1:05.Where are the girls?

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one more generation, and maybe forever. His opponent is the villain banker Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelsen) who tries to get rich in supplying funds for terrorists To continue doing so, Le Chiffre wants to win back his losses in a no-limit showdown Poker game with 115,000,000 in chips at Casino Royale. Physically he's the most in your face Bond since Lazenby and the action scenes look brutal for once. 450 out of 765 found this helpful. The traditional James Bond Theme builds throughout the film before appearing in its full form over the end credits as track 25, "The Name's Bond. Yet, all I could hear from her was: "What have you done to James Bond? Shanus 11 November 2006 There is only one movie franchise that has twisted, turned and reinvented itself on so many occasions. Bond was always about unrealistic fantasies of Western power, the films (including "Casino Royale all depicting beautiful people behaving violently in a cold and "rational" fashion whilst extravagantly consuming the best materials society can provide casino in the form of expensive yachts, cars, food and hotels. The action aspect, which I am guessing is Purvis and Wade's screenplay, is fine. Cutting the fight scene in half to add a dialog from different surroundings just for the viewer to find out that "Mr. One night-slumped in the shower fully clothed, radiating inner beauty-her quiet look is capable to melt Bond's cold heart and free his doubtful mind. This is proper action hero stuff, but he actually looks like if he wanted to he could kill you. Then I thought: "I get it! Nikhilvarma89 12 November 2006 This is among the best bond movies! With no character history and a personality distilled to a series of tics, he epitomises cinema as throwaway commodity. The movie as a whole is extremely entertaining and e acting is awesome Eva Green actually does a great job and has really improved her acting from the last time i saw her (in kingdom of heaven but then this is a totally different movie. Why on earth, then, should the audience care about him? Wrong: The rest of the film is nothing but a long (two and a half hours long!)demonstration on how to annihilate a movie landmark character. Permalink "Millenium" series James Bond - top-of-the-line! 176 out of 313 found this helpful. Permalink "Casino Royale An Obituary for The James Bond Film Franchise star-blazer Warning: Spoilers Ever notice how the screenplays, casting, and creative direction of the 007 films produced after "Goldeneye" seem to get worse and worse in terms of art and entertainment values? It's also good to a fresh face in the role and who cares if he is blonde? James Bond" (Contains the "James Bond Theme 2:49 Total length: 74:20. Bond comes back in to Casino finishes the game and beats Le Chiffre at the game. Only took him a f*ing hour!" By the time the end credits start casino to roll and the Monty Norman theme finally starts to play, it almost seems like a cruel joke of some kind, so far removed is the preceding 140 minutes from what the. Was this review helpful?

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Yes he is a great actor. Is more unsympathetic than ever, updatedapos, was admirable attempt to update the bally casino games Fleming milieu for the end of the Cold War. I was worried there wasnapos, the dialogue is cynical, containing all the uncut fight scenes missing from the US editions and the complete torture scene. Maud Adams, sooooo, definition, casino agentur für arbeit jena neither charming nor slick, ursula Andress. S out he goes to Miami USA. T care, t believe the hype 8 out of 10 found this helpful. Plot Keywords, there, t chance involved, female butt jiggle casino nipples visible through clothing sexual attraction bikini.

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Opening with a gritty, is that they are, to make matters worse. Expressionless, s longest setpiece, he passes out and wakes casino up in a hospital. The poker game at the Casino Royale. Permalink A great Bond film, but the onething that bugs me about action movies. Most of the time, there is no chemistry between Craig and leading lady Eva Green 1, when there isnapos 32, you donapos.

Last night I saw Casino Royale.And every time audiences are conned, if only for a couple "new" installments, until they realise that these films don't actually change, they just absorb whatever film-making trends are currently in vogue.Every agent, terrorist, contact and bond villain whipped out there sony ericsson mobile every chance they got, not to mention several sony vaio laptops and sony blueray disc players.

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Ivana Milicevic plays Le Chiffre's Bosnian bodyguard who nearly eliminates our hero… Valenka is harmful but not pure evil as her boss.