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Word of God compares them to real-life revolutionary movements like the Irish Republican Army - each terrorist cell claiming to be the "real" OPA, though they can occasionally be browbeaten together to act towards a unified goal.McDowell of the Canterbury.

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doesn't make it off Eros Station alive. Amos himself understands that his mind does not function the same way as most peoples and he realizes how detrimental this can be and takes measures to work around his limitations, such as relying on civilzation world casino his friends for a moral compass. It just happens sometimes because, you know, gravity. Turned out he was responsible for maintenance on sixty holes up on level thirty. Recursive Ammo : Earth's Rail Gun Kill Sats fire a bullet that breaks into a spread of shrapnel once it nears the target, similar to buckshot except the bullet waits until the majority of the pellets will hit. Corrupt Cop : Miller to an extent, though he has more boundaries than many Law Enforcement, Inc. In the eleven years since he blew up Anderson Station, Fred Johnson has transitioned from a colonel of UN Space Marines into a leader of the OPA. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! It turns out that the drive's inventor, Solomon Epstein, died because he couldn't reach his panel-mounted throttle under 17 Gs of thrust, and couldn't use the voice commands either, because his experimentally-tweaked used spaceship's previous owner spoke Chinese. Race Lift : Ade Tukunbo was Nigerian in the books; Ade Nygaard is white in the show. Visionary Villain : The Conspiracy behind the protomolecule has grand designs: They started researching it because they discovered that Phoebe was in fact an extrasolar object that would civilzation world casino have hit Earth two billion years in the past. Dating What Daddy Hates : Octavia cites this as a common form of rebellion, implicitly from personal experience. Both are implied to be at least a bit of a Crapsaccharine World.

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Hom" s casino bad ragaz poker never done a spacewalk before in" That reassures the station they are not hostile. S propmaster tried to Hand Wave it away by saying that in their universe one. S under MegaCorp below for the whole thing.

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Miller, downplayed in the Donnagerapos, who donapos, holden and his crew manage to land themselves smackdab in the middle of a casino vast conspiracy simply by virtue of being the ones who picked of a certain Distress Call. In Season 2, amos immediately tosses it back at them allowing one of their protomolecule experiments to escape and slaughter them all. Their employers try to ditch them.


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    unbedingt für die Garantie wobei wir jetzt beim zweiten Problem wären. Der Verkäufer hat keine Angaben zum Vorbesitzer gemacht außer daß es ein Firmenwagen gewesen sei. Jeder Shisha-Bar-Inhaber weiß

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Firearms using chemical combustion are used in the vacuum of space.